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In Combat Since 1967

Dear McRae Customer,

Welcome to the McRae website. We are proud of our heritage as a United States manufacturer with continuous operations in our original location for over 57 years. McRae was founded in 1959 by Branson J. McRae as a manufacturer of children’s footwear. In 1967 the company transitioned to manufacture footwear for the U.S. Department of Defense. In looking through our site, you will note that we continue to make and market classic military boot styles, current spec Army Hot Weather Desert Tan and Coyote boots, and current spec USMC Hot Weather and Temperate Weather styles. This past year we introduced a new generation of tactical boots under the Terassault / Freedom mark. Freedom meets AR 670-1 requirements and also features state of the art functional elements optimizing comfort and stability. We are in the process of introducing the Terassault T1. T1 is our premium Made-in-USA performance combat boot and features many attributes allowing the wearer to focus on the mission at hand and not whether their boots are going to get them through it. T1 is built on our proprietary bottom platform developed jointly with Vibram USA. T1 is both AR-657 and Berry Amendment compliant. See the T1 section for more details.

You have our commitment to ongoing development and innovation within our footwear categories. As has been the case since 1959, we pledge to continue to place utmost emphasis on quality in every pair of boots we produce. In recent years, McRae has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment not only to meet modern military footwear specifications, but to allow us to build the very best and most durable boots available today. Our fighting men and women deserve the best and our company strives to deliver superior products to meet their demanding needs.

If you are already a McRae customer, we thank you for your business and loyalty. If you are not yet a McRae customer, we will work to earn and keep your business. We have been doing what we do for a very long time. We want to be your military boot company but understand that you have choices. We will endeavor every day to meet or exceed your expectations and your customers’ also.

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